//Loncin LC2V78F-1 22Hp Engine

Loncin LC2V78F-1 22Hp Engine


Double Cylinder Series

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Product Description

Loncin LC2V78F Engine

Muffler is included


  • 1″ Shaft – Horizontal
  • 678cc Displacement
  • 3600 RPM max
  • 13.4 KW
  • Electric Start
  • 4 Bolt Pattern
  • Fuel Filter
  • Oil Level sensor
  • Oil Cooler with Oil Filter
  • 4 Stroke OHV
  • Weight: 91lbs

The balance design of V-type twin-cylinder and dynamic crankshaft makes the engine more compact, can effectively reduce the vibration during operation, enables more stable operation and extends the service life of the engine; with the design of high-flow cooling fan, oil filter and oil cooler, the temperature is effectively lowered, the performance is enhanced and the service life is extended.


Technical parameter features:

Strong twin-cylinder power: V-type twin-cylinder with 90° included angle and dynamic crankshaft adopts balanced design, with displacement of 678cc, compact structure, small vibration and overhead valve (OHV), lowering the operation temperature.


Press type machine oil pump:  can enhance the lubrication and extend the service life.


High-flow cooling fan: the design of high-flow cooling fan, oil filter and oil cooler can effectively lower the temperature, enhance the performance and extend the service life.


Precision parts: cast iron cylinder sleeve, metal cams and forging crankshaft can effectively improve the lubrication performance, can enhance the wear resistance of the engine and extend its service life.


Easy maintenance: overhead valve can decrease the carbon accumulation, spot inspection on cylinder head can be conducted easily, the maintenance for air filter with foam filter element, simple equipment and high dust resistance becomes much easier.


Enhanced Reliability: improved design of silencer, starter, air filter and crankshaft box is integrated greatly with the engine, which is more convenient for users to carry power equipment.


Perfect compatibility: dedicated to commercial power design of industrial grade with perfect compatibility for engineering, drilling and commercial use.

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Additional Information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 20 in


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